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Why You need a Your ID Card!

My name is Susan and Oh! How I wish I had had a Medical ID Card when we had an unexpected Medical Emergency!

About 2 years ago my husband, who had already had a heart attack less than 2 years earlier, thought he might be having another heart attack. He came home from work that evening with all the same symptoms as before. I called 911 and Paramedics arrived a few minutes later. When we arrived at the hospital, he was admitted immediately. While Doctors and nurses hooked him up to IV’s, drew blood, and ran tests, a nurse pulled me aside to ask me what prescriptions my husband was taking! I frantically tried to remember the half a dozen or so medications he took, I realized how completely unprepared I was for this!

I finally remembered which prescriptions, although I could not remember any of the dosages at all. I was so upset that we were losing precious time because I had not thought to even write any of this down!

My husband was kept in the hospital overnight, endured a complete cardiac catheterization procedure and was sent home the next day. The Doctors came to the conclusion that it was not a heart attack but did not know what the problem was.

My husband had been taking over the counter Niacin and was doing well with it. Since he was doing so well, his doctor increased the dosage. We discovered that at the new, higher dosage, Niacin was indeed causing heart attack like symptoms!

But here’s the thing – at the hospital the nurse asked me what Prescriptions my husband was taking. And that’s what I gave her! It did not occur to me to tell her about the over the counter medications he was taking!

If I had had a Medical ID Card, with complete information, for my husband in my wallet we would have avoided spending 2 days at the hospital, all of the IV’s, the blood draws, the tests, both of us losing 2 days of work, the stress of possibly having another heart attack, and all the other expenses. We don’t want others to have to go through what we experienced. Emergencies are difficult enough without having to try to remember what is so easily printed on a card kept in your own wallet!

Please, please do not let this happen to you or someone you love! Time is precious, and so are those you love.

  • A Your ID Card is durable and will not break down, fade, or smear and since the writing is printed the information will be READABLE in the event of an emergency. Cards are made using the latest technology materials and imprinting methods.
  • A Your ID Card could save your life or save the life of someone you love by providing accurate information to Health Care Professionals quickly and easily.
  • Doctors, nurses, EMT, paramedics and other Medical Personnel can help you or your loved one more quickly and easily when you carry a Your ID Card in your wallet.
  • A Your ID Card is packed chock full with important information that Medical Personnel need to know immediately.

A Your ID Card is complete with:

  • Your name, date of birth, and gender
  • Up to 3 Doctors’ name and phone numbers
  • Up to 2 Emergency contacts
  • Up to 14 Prescriptions, Supplements, and Over the Counter Medications

A Your ID Card will also include:

  • Your Insurance Carrier
  • Your Religious Affiliation
  • Your Blood Type
  • Your Allergies
  • Your Medical Conditions

A Your ID Card will give you peace of mind in situations where thinking clearly is difficult, if not impossible. You can have the assurance of knowing that, with a Your ID Card, all your important medical information is right where you need it, at your fingertips!

Because a Your ID Card is affordable, you’ll want them for each member of your family! Did you know that you don’t have to take prescriptions or have medical conditions or allergies to need a Your ID Card! It’s just as important for Health Care Professionals to know when someone does not take prescriptions or have medical conditions, as it is for them to know when they do!

A Your ID Card is convenient and compact – it’s the size of a Credit Card and will fit perfectly in a Credit Card slot inside your wallet or purse. It is easy to read and won’t rip, tear, shred, smear, or fade. It is a permanent plastic (not paper) card made using the same technology that is used to make drivers licenses, hotel keys, and credit cards.

Husbands and wives want to carry a Your ID Card with their own information, as well as carry a Your ID Card with their spouse’s information.

Parents want to carry a Your ID Card for each of their children.

Don’t get caught in a medical emergency without vital, potentially life saving medical information, it could mean the difference between life and death.

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Get a Your ID Card medical information card today. These durable cards are printed on plastic that fit in your wallet or purse right next to your drivers license. Cards are waterproof and will not smudge, smear, or decompose like paper will. Information is typewritten so anyone can read, unlike hand written.

Each order comes with two identical information cards. One to carry next to your driverís license and one for a loved one to carry. A Your ID Card has blood type, birth date, insurance, religion, allergies, medical conditions, three doctors, two emergency contacts, and 15 prescriptions.

  • Your doctor has been telling you to get this!
  • Now is time!
  • Get prepared!
  • Give up the excuses!

Need more incentive?


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  • FREE handling
  • NO SALES TAX during this promotion.

Or you CAN keep making excuses, and run the risk of turning an accident into a catastrophe.

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